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Sophie the Monarch Butterfly: Mission to Mexico

Coming Soon

Concept drawings 
Sophie the Monarch Initial Drawing.jpeg
Sophie the Monarch Concept Drawing.jpeg
Illustrator - Linda
Illustrator - Linda Chambers
Linda Chambers.jpg

Linda Chambers became fascinated by butterflies in 2016 the first time she entered the butterfly habitat in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia. 


She created a series of images, greeting cards and artwork from the many photographs she took during her frequent visits.  Since then, she has spent time in nearby public gardens, habitats lovingly built in the backyards of friends, and the largest habitat in the world – the Dubai Butterfly Garden in the United Arab Emirates (virtually). 


She teaches, writes short stories and Book One of her fantasy novel, The Swords of Ialmorgia, is available on Amazon. She is thrilled to be the illustrator on Sophie, the Monarch Butterfly: Mission to Mexico. 

"Starting Over" by Jean J. Bastarache

A caterpillar painting

This painting by Jean J. Bastarache, available from Julie Rico Gallery, is a beautiful representation of the incredible migrations that Monarch Butterflies take each year, often with their wings becoming damaged along the way.

Click on the image to learn more about Jean J. Bastarache's art.

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