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If An Elephant Can Wear a Mask So Can You: Animal ABC's

If an Elephant Can Wear A Mask So Can You: Animal ABC's is a delightful animal ABC book aimed at children aged 3 and above, as well as self-readers aged 7 to 9. The book emphasizes the importance of masking up and staying safe through its beautifully illustrated whimsical pages and rhymed verses. 

Its lasting relevance continues from the time it was written in 2020 during the height of COVID 19 through today as the world continues to encounter different variants of COVID 19. In the United States, where masking for K-12 was mandatory for both students and staff, and continue to be encouraged to limit outbreaks, this book is a vital and engaging teaching tool.


Published November 2021.

Available in English and Spanish.

Thin square soft cover book 7.5x7.5_If An Elephant Can Wear a Mask So Can You.png
Illustrator - Tina Salvesen
Tina Salvesen Profile Image.jpg

Artist, Tina Salvesen, is an established painter, illustrator and art teacher based in Miami, Florida. Her work focuses on fine mark making with the use of charcoal, pencil, ink, watercolor, pastels, paint and encaustic to create her artwork.


Regarded as a master draftsman, she has won many awards in various shows throughout the USA and abroad. Tina's deep affection for her grandchild and young children everywhere inspires her children's book illustrations. 


"This practical book gives kids and, hopefully, any adults who read or hear it read, inspiration for wearing a mask to protect yourself and others in this Fraught time. The illustrations are masterful and worthy of framing on their own."

Francine G Bernard

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