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Prayers On My Pillow Series

Prayers on My Pillow: Inspiration for Girls on the Threshold of Change

This radiant collection of prayers was originally written by a mother for her twelve-year-old daughter, Julia. The author was concerned that they no longer talked as much as they used to, so she began leaving a verse on Julia's pillow each night. These heartfelt supplications quickly spread outward, touching the hearts of Julia's younger sister and friends, and continuing to expand in ever-widening circles.

These simple yet profound prayers are available for everyone to enjoy and reflect upon. Written from the perspective of a girl growing into womanhood, nearly one hundred and fifty prayers encourage girls to seek strength within themselves to overcome challenges, find solace, and make amends with loved ones. They promote the values of self-assurance and independence while celebrating the joys and difficulties of being a girl. Each prayer is a tender expression of faith, creating a safe and personal space for girls to reflect, grow, and simply be themselves.

Published November 1998.

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More Prayers on My Pillow: Words of Comfort and Hope for Girls on the Journey to Self

I wrote these poems in response to the thousands of prayer requests I received from girls who visited my website in the two years after Prayers On My Pillow was published. I hope that these poems serve as a source of inner strength and hope for both teenage girls and women everywhere.

Within this book, I have carefully selected 150 intimate responses that articulate the joys and fears of a girl's journey to self-discovery, while fostering communication between a girl and herself, her parents, and God. The prayers speak candidly and honestly about deep concerns such as loss, alienation, love, self-doubt, and faith. Each prayer aims to heal, instruct, and reassure girls of their inherent goodness and power, providing a celebration of life and the precious gifts of young womanhood.

Published October 2000.


"My mom gave me this book a couple of years ago, and I just stuck it in my closet. Recently I was cleaning out my room and uncovered this book. I started reading the prayers inside. I looked for prayers that connected to my everyday life and that I could relate to. I typed up my favorite prayers on my computer, printed it out, and put it by my bed. Every night I read the prayers."


"I purchased this book for 12 and 10 year old daughters. I thought that perhaps we could read a prayer each night as a devotion and that it would give us an opportunity to talk about issues in their lives. It has done that and more. My oldest daughter now refers to it frequently, whenever she needs a lift or a little extra encouragement. I also purchased the sequel and I rate it equally well."

Carole Gowan

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