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Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts: Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD

Veterans’ stories of PTSD and TBI anchor this “invaluable volume. . . another important cry for the proper treatment of the nation’s defenders” (Publishers Weekly).
In the twenty-first century, the US military has vastly improved its combat medical and medevac capabilities. But even as more soldiers survive the thick of combat, they are returning home with invisible wounds that go tragically untreated. Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts details the ever-increasing documented cases of physical or mental brain trauma among veterans. The authors share the “harrowing, inspiring stories” of soldiers who came home from Iraq or Afghanistan with life-altering injuries to the brain and psyche, along with their equally dramatic stories of recovery (Publishers Weekly).
The chapters are developed from interviews with troops and their family members, and supported with essays by mental health professionals, veterans’ advocates, and members of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, all of whom are working on the front lines of this national health crisis.
All royalties from this work will go directly to the front line of support for wounded warriors with PTSD and TBI and their families.

Published April 2009.

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"...a thorough resource guide…an invaluable volume for vets and their families, and yet another important cry for the proper treatment of the nation’s defenders on the field and at home."

Publisher's Weekly

"As a disabled veteran, and survivor of TBI with ptsd, I recommend this book to clinicians, doctors, my fellow brothers and sisters in arms, and their families. It opened my wife's eyes a bit wider, as to the bigger picture that my disabilities have a much larger impact not only on me, but our family as well."

A Writer

"Twenty one short chapters tell the story of 21 veterans… and offer further proof that not all wounds are only skin deep… provides welcome transparency…makes you want to listen to what the doctors say."

Army Times

"These inspirational stories demonstrate the successful use of resources by motivated families and individuals. However, they also highlight the difficulties that soldiers and their families face in gaining access to resources against seemingly insurmountable odds, and the economic hardships that characterize life with TBI and PTSD. . . . Recommended."


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