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Celia Straus

Passionate writer and conservationist

BoBo and The Red Blanket with little girl and teddy bear_edited
Portrait softcover book 8x10 in the hands of a little girl_If An Elephant Can Wear a Mask
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Livy Little Honey Bee held by girl in yellow dress
New Friends for BoBo girl reading on floor
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IMG_0824 - Celia Straus
IMG_4863 - Celia Straus
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BoBo Finds A Friend held by a child
Celia Straus Author About Image
Small portrait hardcover book in the hand of a woman_Mother Daughter Circle Cover

Podcast Interview with the Author

Listen to Celia talk about her books Livy Little Honey Bee and her newly released picture book Red Pandas Journey to Sikkim during her interview with Inside Scoop Live.

 Sophie Monarch Butterfly, Mission to Mexico
coming August 6, 2024

Red Pandas Journey to Sikkim is available now!

Celia Straus and grandchild reading

About Me

I've been writing for what feels like my whole life.

My passion for children, including my own grandchildren, fuels my collaborations with talented illustrators to craft beautifully illustrated books for young readers such as The BoBo and Iris Series, Livy Little Honey Bee, and Sophie, the Monarch Butterfly, Mission to Mexico. Through my writing, I seek to ignite a love for animal conservation in children and encourage them to appreciate and protect the natural world.

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