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Red Pandas Journey to Sikkim

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"The story shows why it’s important to help one another and not be self-seeking. The friends are supportive and understanding of each other’s differences. If the animals had not stuck together, they would have lost their way, and would not be safe—a message that children will understand.​.. This book could be particularly useful for introverted children, as it shows why having friends is joyful and important, not just for themselves, but for others in their time of need. Overall, this is an excellent picture book for preschool and elementary-age kids."

- Reader Views Kids

High in the Himalayan Mountains two young Red Pandas, Connor and Mishti, befriend a shy Pangolin. Oblivious of their precarious existence, they dance and play together until a wise Sarus Crane disrupts their fun. They must flee, he warns them, before civilization destroys their forest home. He promises to lead them to Sikkim, a nature sanctuary across the mountains. The three friends follow his feathers on their long journey to safety.

For children of all ages and their parents, Connor, the Red Panda explores the values of friendship, sacrifice, courage and resilience against all odds. Three endangered species are portrayed through loveable characters with personalities that young readers can instantly relate to through the magic of Xinting Guo's illustrations. 


A portion of proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to The Wildlife Alliance, The Pangolin Crisis Fund, the Red Panda Network, and The Nature Conservatory dedicated to saving endangered species through conservation, protection, education and research.

Illustrator - Xinting Guo
Tina Salvesen Profile Image.jpg

Artist, Tina Salvesen, is an established painter, illustrator and art teacher based in Miami, Florida. Her work focuses on fine mark making with the use of charcoal, pencil, ink, watercolor, pastels, paint and encaustic to create her artwork.


Regarded as a master draftsman, she has won many awards in various shows throughout the USA and abroad. Tina's deep affection for her grandchild and young children everywhere inspires her children's book illustrations. 

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